Concrete Consultant Technical & Sustainability Advisor Trouble-Shooter Quality Assessor Forensicist
                     Concrete Consultant   Technical & Sustainability Advisor                               Trouble-Shooter                             Quality Assessor                                      Forensicist                                                                                 

Specialising in rapidly and cost-effectively resolving the most difficult of concrete problems, identifying the causes of failures, and their remedies, and advising on all concrete matters.


With 53 years of practical experience working worldwide in the concrete industry in ready-mix, precast and contracting, there aren't many issues, problems or mixes that I haven't come across.


With considerable experience in the mix design and production of all concretes, particularly special mixes, I can advise on the most cost-effective solutions for all applications.


I am particular expertise in industrial flooring and the prevention and investigation of the causes of delamination and cracking, I advise many major flooring contractors around the world.


Got a concrete problem?

Not sure how to progress?

Having difficulty sorting the contractual aspects? 

Or just want some help, particularly down-to-earth practical advice or training? 

Then I'm your man, readily available to travel anywhere on Earth!

 for concrete advice-worldwide

curing all your concrete ills

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